BRX offers a range of bar and back counters, refrigerated and ambient temperature, and a range of drop-in wells along with custom modules to create a modern and extremely versatile space, perfect for all kinds of service: from breakfast through to lunch, aperitifs and after dinner. BRX offers a range of bar products to create a multifunctional proposal for bar-patisserie-delicatessen solutions, where a traditional bar counter is connected to drop-in units, dipping cabinets and pastry cases models SMART & NEA, all joined together with an uninterrupted single top for a streamlined look.

We have the right answer to every question, for different choice of furniture that are flexible and technological. Our bar counters are not only designed with aesthetics in mind, but also cleverly equipped with a set of accessories.

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Personalizzare significa seguire le esigenze dei nostri clienti: sia nello standard che su misura, offriamo soluzioni flessibili in grado di creare ambienti unici.


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BRX distinguishes itself for the implementation of tailored projects using cutting-edge technologies without forgetting the quality and craftsmanship rooted in its tradition.


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A team of professionals follows the customer every step of the way. This is an essential support for technical studios, interior designers, architects and design professionals.


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